Types of Diamond Cuts

types of diamond cut

We have all probably had some questions about diamonds. There seems to be so many facets that make up a great one, from the color and carat to the clarity and yes, cut. But what exactly is a diamond cut? Is it the same as the shape?

Why does it matter, and how does it affect the quality of the stone? These questions all deserve to be answered, and we will tackle each one in this article. Get ready to find out a lot more about diamond cuts than you ever thought possible!

What is a Diamond Cut?

The cut is simply the way that the stone is chiseled out from the rock it originally is, to the glimmering stone we see on rings and other jewelry. There are different degrees of quality. The more lined up and perfectly mirrored the angles of the gem are, the better the cut is.

This is due to the angles bouncing shine off of one another. A good cut will have a lot more glimmer and sparkle than a bad one. It is wise to aim for a good cut because diamonds are famous for their shine.

There is a scale to determine the quality of the cut. The lowest grade is Poor, which you will not want for a stone. Then we travel up the scale through Fair, Good, Very Good, and on to Excellent, or sometimes Brilliant or some other amazingly great cut. For diamond rings especially, cut is very important.

More Details

How is a cut determined in the first place? Diamonds Pro tells us that there are many factors involved, from the length of the upper part of the stone that we can see, to the bottom that we can’t. They say that the sparkle and “fire” which is the deeper hue within the stone, are also involved. There are many other ways to determine cut value, such as how shined up the gem is before being sold, and numerous other qualities.

Is it the Same as Shape?

No! This is a common misconception. Shape and Cut are two very different things. The Cut of the diamond has to do with the angles within the stone itself, and the Shape is the outer design that the stone is cut into. For example, you can have an Excellent Cut stone with a round Shape, or a heart, oval, pear, marquis, and so on. These two words are often used interchangeably but they never should be.

oval cut diamond ring large size

Round Brilliant Cut

This is considered one of the very best cuts for a diamond ever. According to Wikipedia, it has exceptional sparkle. They also say it has 58 different angles. Read more about their thoughts here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brilliant_(diamond_cut) The round brilliant cut is definitely on the high end of the price market because of the great quality. It is highly popular and many desire it for engagement rings.

Hearts and Arrows Pattern

According to Beyond 4 C’s, this refers to the shapes you can see within a well-cut diamond. Hearts and Arrows are considered the best of the best with cuts. They say for a diamond with ultimate perfection, if you could see the entire stone, you could look at it from the dominant side, and see pointed shapes, and to the contrary, the opposite side will have the same number of heart designs within the gem.

However, we also understand that these diamonds can be incredibly expensive and it doesn’t necessarily make it an amazing gem just because of this one factor, states Lumera Diamonds.


This article has covered a lot, from what a diamond cut is, to what it isn’t, to what shapes are and the various types of high-quality cuts. We then went into how you might choose to purchase something of such high value, and keep it looking great. We also discussed the other factors involved with great quality, namely the 4 C’s of diamonds. Knowing all this will really give you a head start when searching the diamond world!