A Local Niche Market For Your Handmade Jewelry!

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As a jewelry designer, there are so many ways to market your jewelry. I’ve already written a lot of articles on this topic and feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. Here’s a local market that can be potentially quite profitable for you and get you some free publicity at the same time.

If you live in a moderate sized city, you probably have cultural productions such as ballets, plays, and theatrical productions taking place in your area. These productions often employ the services of a costume designer to design beautiful, elaborate costumes for the events.

Not only do these productions require special costumes, they also need uniquely designed jewelry to coordinate with the costumes. This is where your services can come in. Why not call your local arts council and find out the names of the important costume designers in your area? Give them a call and see if you can design jewelry to coordinate with the special event costumes.

I have a friend who paired up with the costume designer for the ballet and theatrical productions in our area. Not only was she able to design jewelry for these events, but she also gained many valuable contacts and free publicity that provided her with many unexpected opportunities to promote and sell her jewelry.

In fact, the arrangement was so successful, the two designers started a small storefront where they design costumes and jewelry for special events. That one small contact led to a series of events that has proven to be quite lucrative for my friend’s jewelry business.


Another similar market you may want to consider is the theater department of a local college or university in your area. These institutions often put on local productions that require special costumes and adornments and may be interested in your jewelry design services. Whether or not they need your services at present, these are valuable contacts for your jewelry design business! Take lots of business cards with you when you meet with them.

Imagine the publicity your jewelry design will receive if you’re given credits for the jewelry design in a major production in your area! All the advertising in the world can’t replace positive publicity like this.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the answer you’re looking for the first time you approach your contacts a with your jewelry design proposal. They’re often quite busy may need several follow up visits to give your idea the consideration it deserves. Many times focus and persistence will pay off!

I hope you’ll give this niche market for jewelry serious consideration as a means to advance your jewelry business. I also hope I’ve encouraged you to think of more unique markets for your jewelry designs.