Story of West Indian Bangles

The Traditional West Indian Bangle is more than 200 years old. It is a part of us as much as is it apart of the West Indies, Jamaica, Africa and India.

There is a mixture of Indian and African cultures in the roots of the bangle. Indian women wore bangles as a symbol of marriage; African women have been wearing bangles for centuries as symbols of adornment.

Throughout decades, artisans have improved the variety of these beautiful bangles, making them in silver and in gold.

Keeping the same unique shape and design a major additional feature is the knobs of various fruits and animals representing all cultures and making them truly West Indian. Engravings on the body of the bangles make them more attractive.

These bangles are hand crafted, made in our factory now located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

The silver is melted down and poured into slabs to get Sterling Silver, which is 92.5% pure. These slabs are then rolled and drawn in shapes then hammered and chiseled to get the designs.

The bangles are made solid and flexible so that they are durable and will fit all wrist sizes. They are worn traditionally in pairs.




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